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Subject:  The all star game final rosters
Date:  7/2/06, 8:21pm (Last Edited: 7/2/06, 8:27pm)
I know I'm beating a dead horse.

Anyway, here are the AL & NL starters, reserves, & pitchers.

AL starters:

C - Ivan Rodriguez (glad it wasn't Varitek or Posada) Should have been Joe Mauer

1B - David Ortiz (can't really argue with that)
2B - Mark Loretta (I guess this is okay.)
SS - Derek Jeter (sorry Yankee fans, should have been Miguel Tejada or Micheal Young). Jeter is the 3rd best SS in AL.

3B - Alex Rodriguez (Glaus has better numbers. Even Melvin Mora can stack numbers with ARod, atleast this season)

OF - Ichiro Suzuki (not much you can argue here. He is one of the top 5 or 6 AL outfielders.)

OF - Manny Ramirez (very solid numbers)
OF - Vlad Guerrero (Vernon Wells has better numbers. Just food for thought.)

AL Reserves:

Joe Mauer (should be starting!)
Paul Konerko (all star deserving)
Jim Thome (great comeback so far)
Jose Lopez (underated)
Miguel Tejada (should be starting in my opinion)
Micheal Young (also makes a solid case to start)
Troy Glaus (better power numbers than ARod so far this season, got screwed by Yankee popularity!)

Jermaine Dye (having a very good year so far, solid!)
Gary Matthews Jr. (maybe the best outfielder on both all star teams that no one really knows about.)
Grady Sizemore (having another productive season)
Vernon Wells (The most underated power hitting outfielder in the AL & maybe in baseball. He doesn't get enough credit!)

Robinson Cano (injurey keeps him from playing, don't think he should have been the AL starting 2B anyway)

Alex Rios (very deserving AL all star selection, very underated, injury keeps him from playing though)

AL starting pitchers:

Mark Buerhle (decent year, but should not be the AL starter)
Jose Contreras (hasn't lost since last year)
Roy Halladay (should be the starting AL pitcher!)
Scott Kazmir ( very good solid young pitcher that will get even better)
Mark Redmon (KC had to have somebody)
Kenny Rogers (the old man can still pitch! Camera men beware!)
Johan Santana (dominant & very consistant!)
Barry Zito (still the A's ace)

AL bullpen:

Bobby Jenks (very solid)
Jonathan Papelbon (has dominated so far)
Mariano Rivera (still one of the best closers in the game)
BJ Ryan (awesome!)

NL starters:

C - Paul Loduca (solid catcher, although Brian McCann is equally as deserving)

1B - Albert Pujols (cant argue this! just awesome!)
2B - Chase Utley ( very deserving to start)
SS - Jose Reyes (electrifying!)
3B - David Wright (maybe an MVP candidate)
OF - Carlos Beltran (solid starter, but I do think Carlos Lee & Andruw Jones are just as deserving to start & arguably more deserving. Again, Jones & Lee fall victim to the "New York popularity factor")

OF - Jason Bay (very deserving & a nice honor for him & for the host city Pittsburgh & the Pirate fans)

OF - Alfonso Soriano (as good or better than all of the other NL all star outfielders)

NL reserves:

Brian McCann (quietly deserving)
Lance Berkman ( very consistant & solid)
Ryan Howard (power personified & would be the starting NL 1B if Pujols weren't around)

Dan Uggla (another very underated player no one hears about)
Edgar Renteria (having a great year & has shown he can still hit!)
Miguel Cabrera (a very close second to David Wright for starting 3B for NL)

Scott Rolen (awesome when healthy, 3rd best 3B in NL so far this season, nothing more - nothing less)

Freddy Sanchez (came out of nowhere! he is a very solid young player though & should be there)

Matt Holliday ( definately should be there! great hitter!)
Andruw Jones (can make a solid argument to start, as solid as it gets)
Carlos Lee (see Andruw Jones. Carlos definately one of the top 5 outfielders in the NL)

NL starting pitchers:

Bronson Arroyo (hello NL. I'm Bronson Arroyo. I'm a man child!)
Chris Carpenter (steady & solid)
Tom Glavine ( the old man still has it)
Brad Penny (underated & quietly consistant)
Pedro Martinez (still one of the best)
Jason Schmidt (when he is on, he is arguably one of the top 3 or 4 in the game)
Brandon Webb (great year so far, a Cy Young candidate for sure)
Carlos Zambrano ( very good & very spicy!)

NL bullpen:

Brian Fuentes (quietly having a solid season)
Tom Gordon (suprisingly very solid)
Trevor Hoffman (still one of the best closers in the game)
Derrick Turnbow (pretty good, all star worthy I guess)

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