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Subject:  MLB predictions
Date:  4/7/07, 2:16pm
AL East

1. Red Sox (They have better pitching than the Yanks)
2. Yankees (The Yanks got a good line up, but they are getting old.)
3. Blue Jays (I think will actually challenge the Yankees for 2nd in that division.)
4. Orioles (A better Orioles team than last year)
5. Devil Rays (Can the D-Rays get to 500? I think they have a shot with their good young talent.)

AL Central

1. Tigers (Solid combination of pitching & offense)
2. Indians (I like their line up just a little better than the Twins)
3. Twins (Maybe the best third place team in baseball)
4. White Sox (decent, but fading a little)
5. Royals (will show improvement)

AL West

1. Angels (Good pitching - good line up)
2. A's (pitching, pitching, pitching)
3. Rangers (no pitching, but potentially awesome offense)
4. Mariners (could just as easily finish 2nd or 3rd in division)

NL East

1. Mets (Great offense - decent pitching - good enough)
2. Marlins (that's right, I said the Marlins! This year's suprise NL team)
3. Phillies (toss up with the Braves for 3rd & 4th)
4. Braves (toss up with Phillies for 3rd & 4th)
5. Nationals (won't be that bad)

NL Central

1. Cubs (offense will score a lot of runs - pitching is decent)
2. Brewers (will be very competitive)
3. Reds (I think they will suprise some people)
4. Pirates (they are better than they have been)
5. Cardinals (will be the most disappointing NL team this season)
6. Astros (other than Lee, Berkman, & Oswalt, they don't look all that great. If Clemens comes back, they may climb up this division a little.)

NL West

1. Dodgers (no glaring weaknesses)
2. Giants (the Bonds hysteria will keep them competitive)
3. Diamondbacks (could be a sleeper team)
4. Padres ( not bad, but not great)
5. Rockies (could be an exciting team to watch, but where is the pitching?)



Red Sox

Key AL note: Yankees will barely miss playoffs.

Tigers over Indians in 6.
Red Sox over Angels in 7.
Tigers over Red Sox in 6.



Key NL note: Marlins are my dark horse team this season & will get by the Brewers for the NL wildcard.

Mets over Marlins in 7.
Cubs over Dodgers in 7.
Mets over Cubs in 7.

World Series:

Tigers over Mets in 7.

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